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15 Jul 2024 by

RetailSonar Team

Meet Pieter-Jan, our new International Business Manager for ChargePlanner

With a pioneering platform already used in 6 countries and 24 more countries in the pipeline, ChargePlanner (a solution by RetailSonar) is at the breaking point of becoming the European market leader in location strategy for charging stations. Time for reinforcement! We spoke with our new colleague Pieter-Jan Criel, International Business Manager E-Mobility, about his passion for electric vehicles, his forecast and ideas for the sector.

20 May 2024 by

RetailSonar Team

ChargePlanner April Update

We’re excited to share the latest release of our ChargePlanner solution, tailored to meet the evolving needs of our rapidly growing European customer base. In April, we rolled out significant improvements that will make managing your charging network smoother, smarter, and more efficient. A glimpse of what's new!

26 Jan 2024 by

Dieter Debels

Shaping the Future of Electric Charging, with support of the EU

Europe is on an ambitious journey towards electric mobility, aiming to create a seamless electric vehicle (EV) charging network. In this endeavour, RetailSonar is at the forefront, embarking on a groundbreaking project to map out and evaluate the ideal EV charging infrastructure. We will focus on the Flanders region in Belgium as a start, with the goal of developing algorithms and solutions applicable to the whole of the European Union. This effort is in collaboration with the esteemed European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Flemish ‘Agentschap Innoveren en Ondernemen’ (Vlaio), marking a significant stride towards our sustainable transportation goals.

24 Jan 2024 by

RetailSonar Team

Dutch ultrafast chargers are used most heavily

Every 6 months, we measure the usage of ultrafast chargers in several European countries. Therefore, we rely on anonymous visit registrations, captured from more than 30 mobile apps. In this article, we present our latest findings for five European countries.

16 Nov 2023 by

RetailSonar Team

These 5 success factors determine the turnover of your public charging location

Europe currently has more than 2.6 million public charging points. To meet the growing demand, 6.8 million are needed by 2030.

10 Oct 2023 by

RetailSonar Team

Slow, fast or ultra-fast? How do you invest in the most profitable charging station at each location?

How do you determine which type of charging station to invest in at each location? In a highly competitive market, you need maximum certainty in determining the most profitable mix of charging infrastructure. Follow the customer. The local activity around the charging stations is often decisive.

11 May 2023 by

Pieter-Jan De Smet

RetailSonar launches ChargePlanner: sales forecasting software for EV charging stations

As the number of electric cars rapidly increases, so is the demand for more public EV charging stations. But where exactly should they be located? As the market leader in analyses for (retail)locations, we are now also conquering the fast-growing EV market with our ChargePlanner tool. "Many operators are still under-investing in data & AI”.