These 5 success factors determine the turnover of your public charging location

Europe currently has more than 2.6 million public charging points. To meet the growing demand, 6.8 million are needed by 2030.

In the coming years, 14,000 new installations will be added every week.

In this rapidly changing landscape, the right choice of location is essential. How do you choose the most profitable locations thanks to data?

From passage to competition: determine the potential of your EV location

Our experts analyze the profitability of more than 300,000 potential EV locations every day. These 5 factors have the greatest impact on the revenue potential of a new or existing charging station:

1. EV driver potential

Where does your target group live and work? Numerous socio-demographic factors such as prosperity, education and family composition determine where your largest potential target group is located.

2. Amount of location passage

By far the most important environmental factor. A location's turnover largely depends on how much daily traffic there is around the charging infrastructure. It goes without saying that a location on a highway or busy connecting road has a considerable advantage. Smartphone data gives you a unique insight into the number of passers-by on each road segment.

3. Who are your perfect neighbours?

Are there shops or other interesting pastimes near a charging station? How long do drivers stay on site on average? Perfect neighbors ensure more sales. Do you know what the ideal combination consists of for your charging station? Mobile data also plays an important role here.

4. Competitor insights

As a provider you are of course never alone. The EV market is changing rapidly. So it is extremely important to know where you open new locations. In addition, a competitive analysis gives you insight into the existing power relations:

  • Which competitor attracts more drivers?
  • Where do you see a negative evolution?
  • And how does your charging performance compare to the industry average?

5. Connectivity to the electrical network

Ultra-fast charging in particular remains a huge investment. The closer your location is to the connection to the network, the lower your investment. 

  • At what distance from the grid does the investment continue to outweigh the costs? 
  • What is the closest alternative to a charging location that is (still) costing too much?

Location quality: how good is the experience for the EV driver?

The experience at the location itself also influences how much turnover the charging location will generate. To offer the EV driver the best possible experience, the charging infrastructure must meet a number of requirements:

  • Accessibility: Does the charging station have an accessible parking space and easy accessibility? Are there no annoying traffic situations in the area? An easily accessible location leads to 19% more turnover.
  • Visibility: Optimal visibility improves a location's performance by up to 21%. Clear signage along the street side works wonders. Is your location visible online in relevant apps and websites?
  • Safety: Drivers prefer a safe, well-lit and covered place to load. Do you meet these criteria? Then your location will perform on average 8% better than expected.

More than 20 European operators and investors base their location strategy on the insights from the Chargeplanner platform. 

Do you also want to get maximum return from your charging locations? Our experts are happy to tell you more! Contact us.

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