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At RetailSonar we are convinced that one of our assets is our continuous inquisitiveness and curiosity. We learn because of our close ties with the academic world and we learn because of the challenging questions that our customers ask us every day. And we like to share this knowledge with our customers. Enjoy your read!

  • The how-to guide to accurately predicting a new location’s success

    The how-to guide to accurately predicting a new location’s success

    Up to 90% accurate in predicting a (new) location’s success. That’s the power of RetailSonar. How do we do it? We will gladly explain step-by-step how our method allows lets us make these accurate analyses.

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  • Fewer locations, more sales!

    Fewer locations, more sales!

    You can achieve the same or more sales with fewer locations if you want to! But how do you go about it? We explain step-by-step how you can make your retail network smarter, more efficient, and more profitable.

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Overview of our events

2 Jun 2022 by

RetailSonar Team

Location Talking Points #8 | What can you learn from H&M, Tesco, Albert Heijn, Coca-Cola and Facebook?

Every month, we show you the latest and most inspiring location strategies from here and abroad. This means you’re always one step ahead in optimizing your future-proof network! In this video: the location strategies of H&M, Tesco, Albert Heijn, Coca-Cola and Meta.

27 Apr 2022 by

RetailSonar Team

10 reasons why so many retailers choose RetailSonar

How has RetailSonar become the European market leader in location strategy in just 10 years? Why do so many national and international chains turn to this Belgian-Dutch scale-up? Well, it’s quite simple really: RetailSonar has no competitors. We do many things very differently to other organisations. These are the 10 points that make RetailSonar unique.

20 Apr 2022 by

RetailSonar Team

RetailSonar launches Europe’s largest retail database

The retail world is changing at a rapid pace. Data that is accurate, applicable and up to date is more important than ever before. That is why RetailSonar is now introducing the largest and most up-to-date retail database in Europe.

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