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5 Aug 2020 by

Monique Husslage

Inspiring: these 8 retailers are already optimising their store networks

The corona crisis shattered existing confidence in one fell swoop. Many retailers were forced to take a critical look at their store networks. How many physical stores do we still need? Where are there still future prospects? And how do we restore the balance between physical and online? These eight retailers are already taking concrete steps to optimise their networks.

4 Aug 2020 by

Pieter-Jan De Smet

Have you met Frances, our new Company Trainer?

Frances Tavernier is our go-to person for crystal-clear platform training. As our new Company Trainer, she makes our customers’ work a lot easier. High time for a first meeting!

26 Nov 2019 by

Monique Husslage

Forget experience, convenience is the new magic word!

In these times, how can your physical stores compete with the many online stores, where consumers can quickly and conveniently make purchases 24/7?

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