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Your optimal network

Where are your hotspots for opening a point of sale? How much of a cannibalisation effect will opening a new store have on your existing branches? Where can I recover customers if I decide to close a point of sale? Map your optimum network with the highest possible level of accuracy.

Improve your results

Which locations perform better or worse than others? What are the root causes of this? Identify the actions you must take to improve the performance of your locations.

Reach the right customer

How can I define my target audiences? Which customers should I select for my campaign? And which message should I send them? Drastically increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns.


Discover the unique RetailSonar platform.

90% accurate location decisions with a single mouse-click

A revolutionary, powerful, and user-friendly platform that makes risky investments, endless discussions, long research projects, and sub-optimal location choices a thing of the past.

Discover how

We pull out all the stops for our customers!

This is how we answered their questions

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"We are optimising our entire branch network with greater confidence and certainty."



"We wanted unambiguous and accurate revenue forecasts for each new store"




“This type of investment can run into millions, which is why our franchisees need to be able to rely on accurate information.”


Your international strategic partner

A successful location strategy? This does not stop at the national borders!

The RetailSonar platform is available in 14 European countries (and counting!).

Join the 200 European retailers who are already using our next-level location intelligence in ...

  • Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg
  • United Kingdom & Ireland
  • France
  • Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
  • Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland
  • Poland

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Driven by data

We believe in the power of data. Always up to date. Always accurate.

Powerful AI and up-to-date market data lets us get the most out of your customer data.

This is the only way to make the right location decisions.

Tailor-made for your organization

The RetailSonar platform contains a wealth of information, adapted to the strategic needs of any decision maker.

Don't miss out on any opportunities and work together optimally on the location strategies of the future.

Management | Save time, decide with confidence

Next-level location intelligence. Also for your sector!

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15 Sep 2021 by

Pieter-Jan De Smet

RetailSonar becomes largest European geomarketing player after acquisition of French company Geocible

Since 1 September, the French company Geocible has been part of the international RetailSonar group. With this acquisition, we have added more than 20 years of experience to our location intelligence and accelerated our European expansion. “Even the competitors admire Geocible for the high quality of its technical expertise.”

25 Aug 2021 by

RetailSonar Team

Location Talking Points #4 | What can you learn from Action, Coolblue, Basic-Fit & HEMA?

Every month, we show you the latest and most inspiring location strategies from here and abroad. This means you’re always one step ahead in optimizing your future-proof network! In this video: the location strategies of Action, Coolblue, Basic-Fit & HEMA.

7 Jul 2021 by

Monique Husslage

12 things you didn't know about RetailSonar

Everyone knows that we help our customers make the right decisions for each location. But did you also know these 12 facts about RetailSonar?

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Always make the right location decisions.

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