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The telecoms industry is facing a number of major challenges. New technologies must be rolled out efficiently, mobile operators and cable companies are making strategic acquisitions (sometimes even acquiring each other) and the aggressive price wars are bound to transform the market in the short term.

In addition to this, mobile data sources offer a wealth of information, which can be used in a smart way for internal (e.g., marketing) and external (e.g., crowd monitoring) purposes.

All this obviously also has an impact on strategic questions about the retail and mobile network. Decision-supporting tools and solutions are crucial to make the right, future-proof choices in this rapidly-changing industry.

The ideal retail network in today’s fast-changing world

  • Map the total market potential for new customers (private individuals and SMEs) using up-to-date market data and a clear definition of your target group.
  • Map the total theoretical potential of each shop. Do this both for customer retention and the upsell of existing customers and for the activation of new customers.
  • Identify which shops are underperforming. Determine which shops you can make profitable again, and which would perform better in a new location. Take risks such as customer turnover and the recovery potential of other shops or dealers into account.
  • Analyse the impact of digital channels on your physical stores.
  • Identify the (semi-greenfield) optimal network to identify opportunities for the relocation and clustering of existing shops or the opening of new offices.
  • Design the optimal shopping network for the future: with maximum potential for the activation/upsell/retention of customers, at a minimal operational cost.
  • Manage the roadmap to evolve towards the optimal shop network with a user-friendly platform. Make adjustments where necessary, depending on opportunities or in response to your competitors’ actions.

Make sure your shops are profitable

  • Map the actual sales dynamics of every shop, in terms of the intake, outflow or product purchases of customers to obtain a 360-degree view of the performance of existing shops.
  • Tailor the services and capacity of each shop to the potential and the structure of the surrounding area. Think about the right specialisation of your shops, depending on the rental price and the surrounding area. Optimise your service, both for candidates and customers.
  • Identify the weaknesses of branches with a clear growth potential based on objective reporting and create opportunities for achieving this growth.
  • Translate these opportunities into specific actions and promotions, along with the store manager, to efficiently adapt the branch’s operations and its targeting of the surrounding area.
  • Measure the impact of these actions and use success stories to further roll out the data-driven approach in your network.

"Op 5 minuten weet ik al of het loont om een locatie dieper te analyseren. Dat spaart veel tijd uit.

Nancy Dierick, Proximus

Optimise your communication campaigns for existing customers

  • Analyse the historic mobile behaviour of existing customers and enrich their customer profile.
  • Identify customers at (greater) risk of leaving.
  • Segment your marketing campaigns so you reach the right target group with the right message.
  • Implement efficient marketing campaigns, by using the right medium and targeted marketing.
  • Continually increase the ROI of your campaigns by better monitoring the results, analysing the results in depth and adapting your campaigns where necessary.

Optimise your capital expenditure (CAPEX) in your mobile network

  • Identify the blind spots in your current mobile network and determine the added value of a potential location for a new mast. This is done based on local activity (e.g., housing and employment, schools, hospitals, leisure...) and the current network coverage.
  • Calculate the hotspots for new masts and prioritise your investment decisions.
  • Prioritise the most interesting opportunities for upgrading your network to 4G and 5G.

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