We show you 'where',
and this is how do it.


The 3 steps we take together

Optimising your retail network? Adapting your marketing mix? RetailSonar uses a three-step process to underpin your decisions with accurate models.

Step 1: describe
Collect and combine all the relevant data.

Step 2: learn
Learn from the past: we examine the data and acquire the right insights.

Step 3: forecast
Use the insights we find to confidently predict the future


1. Everything is connected: so why should data be the exception?

We delve into your data and extract the information that offers you a global overview of the current reality. The complex puzzle of sales information, shop locations, social-demographic data and travel times thus ties in perfectly with each other.


2. From data to insights

Combining all these data offers new insights into your customers’ behaviour. After a few in-depth analyses of your data, the platform shed new light on fundamental questions, offering surprising answers to your questions at times.

When data are correctly interpreted, this becomes a hugely powerful tool. Data mining techniques allow us to accurately forecast the impact of changes on your network.

Every question can be wrongly answered. That is why we find it important to calibrate the system time and again depending on the customer’s needs. We need multiple iterations for this, which always take the customer’s feedback and market knowledge into account. This is the only way to develop a highly accurate model.

3. The powerful combination

The model is then integrated in the RetailSonar platform. The user-friendly interface conceals a powerful computing model. The most complex scenarios are analysed in no time at all and communicated in clear terms. Regular updates of the data mean the model is always accurate, reflecting the real changes if and when they occur.


4. Market knowledge

Our software is already very intelligent. Nonetheless, we always welcome the human factor and feel that it is vital even for a correct interpretation of the information. The data doesn’t speak for itself, in most cases it is necessary to interpret the data in a correct way before it is entered into our platform. That is why we always share our market knowledge with you, so you can get the most valuable insights out of the software.

That is why we always share our market knowledge so you can get the most out of the software.

5. The RetailSonar Society

Our customers stand to benefit in equal measure from the advantages of the RetailSonar Society. We offer them learning opportunities, allowing them to exchange knowledge and experiences with other users. We also closely involve them in our platform’s future development. Their input is very valuable for us and we are convinced that this type of close collaboration benefits both parties.