Always the right location decisions. Whenever, wherever.

Digitisation is putting increasing pressure on competition, consumers, margins and market space. Making the right strategic decisions is more complicated than ever. In any event, you want to avoid taking the wrong decisions, so you can no longer rely on your gut instinct.

That is why RetailSonar developed a revolutionary, user-friendly, and powerful platform, with which risky investments, endless discussions, long research projects and suboptimal location choices are forever a thing of the past.

Now all it takes is a few clicks to get an answer to those questions that are vital for you, as a retailer or service provider, to make the right strategic location choices.

Always choose the right locations

Where are your hotspots for opening a POS? How will an opening cannibalise the existing POS? Where can I win back customers if I close a POS? Map your optimal network with the greatest possible accuracy.

Optimise your current network

Which locations perform better or worse than others? What are the root causes of this? Identify the actions you must take to improve your locations' performance.

Reach the right customer

How can I define my target groups? Which customers should I select for my campaign? Which message should I send them? Drastically increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns

How we make the difference for you


Powerful A.I.

Enjoy 90% accurate forecasts thanks to our unique expertise and powerful Artificial Intelligence.


Quick response

No more endless discussions, no more relying on external advice. You save a lot of time and money by making decisions quickly and efficiently.


Always up to speed

The market is changing rapidly, and you expect us to follow suit. We constantly feed the most recent market data into the platform.


Full control

Take control of your own personal cloud platform. Test a variety of scenarios and share your results with stakeholders.



Making objective decisions is easier than ever! Start working with our platform after a short training with our experts.


Local and global

We grow in step with you! Are you taking your company global? Then we will help you develop a successful international sales network.

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