The how-to guide to accurately predicting a new location’s success


Up to 90% accurate in predicting a (new) location’s success. That’s the power of RetailSonar. How do we do it? We will gladly explain step-by-step how our method allows lets us make these accurate analyses.

After reading this white paper, you will know...

  • Why shops are “magnets”
  • How to identify spending potential
  • What customers’ willingness to travel means for your stores
  • How to minimise internal cannibalisation
  • What impact your competitors and the “right neighbours” have on the success of your store
  • How much additional turnover you can generate by improving local shop characteristics
  • What the interaction is between your webshop and your brick-and-mortar stores
  • Why customer focus can also make a world of difference to location decisions
  • ...so that you can make even more accurate retail sales forecasts!

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