The right location strategy for electric charging stations

The market share of electric cars is growing rapidly. More and more consumers are driving electric or hybrid and governments are encouraging more environmentally friendly driving.

Energy suppliers, gas stations, new players, car manufacturers and retailers are all heavily investing in new charging stations.

What are the most promising locations for these charging stations, considering passage, local activity, competition and technical criteria? And which type of charger offers the greatest potential?

Always make the right location decisions thanks to the unique data expertise and predictive models of RetailSonar, the European market leader in location strategy.

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For installers & distributors

✔ Define the optimal location for new fast chargers

✔ Simulate business cases in your own geomarketing platform

✔ Share professional reports with your stakeholders

For retailers & real estate players

✔ Measure the potential profitability of all your locations

✔ Simulate business cases in your own geomarketing platform

✔ Translate your strategy into practice based on objective data

For governments & cities

✔ Determine the optimal coverage of chargers for each region

✔ Calculate business cases and optimize your strategy

✔ Realize your policy objectives

The right location strategy for installers & distributors of charging stations

The most profitable locations for new charging stations

Accurately predict the potential (in kWh) of each new potential location accurately

  • Discover the market potential based on mobility data, local activity data & socio-demographic information
  • See the current overview of existing charging stations
  • Evaluate the technical connection criteria to sync your chargers with the present electric network.
  • Identify the most promising hotspots
  • Determine for each location the optimal charging type (normal, fast, ultra-fast) for each locabased on local activities
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A professional market report to share with stakeholders

  • Get a clear overview of all local characteristics
  • See the most important results in the blink of an eye: the potential (in kWh), customer profile and the impact on own and competing locations
  • Add your own context and conclusions to the report
  • Easily customizable to your personal preferences
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Will you soon be optimising your location strategy?

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The right location strategy for retailers and real estate players

  • Calculate the return on investment of new EV charging stations, taking into account margins & potential funding.
  • Discover which retail parking lots offer the greatest return
  • Select the most suitable installation partner based on objective data
  • Earn back your investments as quickly and safely as possible with the use of data and predictive models
  • So much more …

“Through a data-driven testing framework, we wanted to find out what the optimal locations were for our network of fast chargers.”

The right location strategy for governments, cities and municipalities

  • Experiment with new marketing channels in a structured way.
  • Map the locations and coverage of all existing and planned charging stations
  • Determine the optimal coverage by location, region, city, province or country
  • Make sure every resident has a charging station available within a few minutes’ drive
  • Determine the hotspots for new EV charging stations in your area. Which public places offer the most potential?
  • Select the most suitable charging station supplier for each location based on objective data
  • Apply for the right subsidies and accurately calculate the margin for every investment project
  • So much more

Always make the right location decisions.

Our experts are happy to come and listen to your strategic location issues.

Dieter Debels


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