"We can now substantiate our intuition with facts."

More and more Charge Point Operators (CPOs) feel the urgency to invest in parking spaces with charging infrastructure. Not only due to legal obligations but also because of the increasing number of electric cars and the opportunities that come with it. The question is: how, what, and where? The ChargePlanner platform from RetailSonar helps AVIA VOLT to identify the right locations. 

AVIA VOLT was developed as a sub-brand in 2022 to serve the EV market. Under this banner, charging solutions are operated on the existing network of fuel locations, and a new network of (fast) charging facilities is being developed at (semi)public locations throughout the Netherlands. In addition, AVIA VOLT supports its business customers in the sustainability of their fleets by developing customized charging solutions.

Ruben Leijdekker, Managing Director of AVIA VOLT Netherlands, says: "By consolidating the EV activities under the AVIA VOLT brand, we are able to advise and provide suitable charging points for both local entrepreneurs and large national companies. Many businesses realize the need for charging infrastructure but have no idea where to start. We are here to take that burden off their shoulders."

"Our business model is focused on completely relieving the customer with the best fitting charging solution per location, so that customers and employees can charge without worries."

AVIA VOLT follows a hassle-free approach: "We support our customers throughout the entire process. From location analysis to permit application, and from investment to the operation and maintenance of the infrastructure. Business owners don't have to worry about it. For them, the charging points are simply an extra service for customers and employees."

Identifying and Convincing Leads 

For an effective market approach, it's essential to determine the attractiveness of locations early on. Mark Kortleve, Business Development Manager EV, explains: "We can, in theory, look up all major retailers in the Netherlands. But we need to focus on which locations are suitable: where do many people come who need charging facilities? So, we quickly needed factual information to substantiate our gut feeling. That's how we ended up with RetailSonar's ChargePlanner."

Once a lead is identified, an initial location analysis takes place immediately with the help of RetailSonar, Mark explains: "We look at factors such as the number of customers, how long they stay, whether there are also non-customers... This is not only interesting for us: with these insights, we can also convince leads of the added value of charging points for them. In some cases, the analysis shows, for example, that they can attract new customers thanks to charging infrastructure."

Different Insights 

"What's interesting about ChargePlanner is that we can derive very different insights from it," Mark notes. "Sometimes we can even see at the level of a parking lot how many cars park there weekly. But we not only look at traffic flows; the nature of those traffic flows is also important. At some locations, traffic mainly consists of visitors to the company in question, while at places near highways, there are many passersby. Is the travel time between that location and the exit limited? And is there little competition? Then a company can derive extra benefit from charging infrastructure at that location."

"With the help of the platform, we can determine how many and what type of charger is most suitable for a location."

Based on these insights, AVIA VOLT Netherlands determines the most suitable charging infrastructure: "Someone driving from A to B on the highway simply wants to charge as quickly as possible. The same goes for someone spending half an hour in a store. Fast chargers are necessary at such locations. But at an amusement park, for example, an AC charger may suffice. The platform takes all these factors into account. "So we can see very well what the range is and which type of charging point is best provided at each location."

International Ambitions 

Ruben explains that AVIA VOLT has big ambitions in the Netherlands. "In the coming years, we want to achieve the same market position in the charging infrastructure market in the Netherlands as our current position in the fuels market."

When it comes to rolling out charging infrastructure, AVIA VOLT is a leader in the Netherlands within the international AVIA organization. Knowledge is regularly shared with other AVIA country organizations in Europe: "In principle, each country operates autonomously. But it's important that we learn from each other. And if there are international leads, we naturally coordinate with each other as well. That's the strength of AVIA: we operate in 15 European countries. It would be a waste not to leverage our collective strengths," Ruben concludes.

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