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"It reduces the chance of bad decisions at a price that does not outweigh the costs of a poor location or the wrong size of property."

Cédric Buchet, Expansion Manager at Decathlon: "We were looking for a tool that could correctly forecast our stores' revenue figures. Of course, we also wanted to compare different solutions and scenarios and forecast the turnover of new stores. Finally, we also wanted to find a way to map the impact of a new store on our current stores and those of our competitors. Geo Intelligence’s (now RetailSonar) first presentation to us was characterised by their professionalism. They offered us the POS planner that we had been dreaming of for some time."

"We are very satisfied with the revenue forecasts for future stores. We have already been able to evaluate this positively with the opening of new stores. It gave us very accurate forecasts of the impact on our other stores. The POS planner lets us make objective, standard estimates of the performance of future stores. This ensures less tolerance on the estimates. “Its objective basis means fewer disputes about the results."

"A poor estimate may turn out to be costly."

"Anyone working with RetailSonar will make huge time-savings, both in terms of calculation and utilisation. Its simple interface ensures that not much training is required. Moreover, it is a perfect solution to simplify the decision-making process and remove doubts for everyone involved. Making poor estimates of location or sizing can be an expensive business. A small calculation in advance means that you will reap the benefits once the store opens."

"In any case, I think the RetailSonar team is very open and responsive to our demands. The collaboration is great, which creates a lot of confidence in solving any issues that an Expansion Manager may have to deal with. "

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