Shaping the Future of Electric Charging, with support of the EU

Europe is on an ambitious journey towards electric mobility, aiming to create a seamless electric vehicle (EV) charging network. In this endeavour, RetailSonar is at the forefront, embarking on a groundbreaking project to map out and evaluate the ideal EV charging infrastructure. We will focus on the Flanders region in Belgium as a start, with the goal of developing algorithms and solutions applicable to the whole of the European Union. This effort is in collaboration with the esteemed European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Flemish ‘Agentschap Innoveren en Ondernemen’ (Vlaio), marking a significant stride towards our sustainable transportation goals.

The Challenge and Our Approach

Currently, the expansion of EV charging stations largely relies on private investments, which are hindered by uncertainties in installation costs, power grid connectivity, and fluctuating market data. The rapid evolution of the electric mobility sector further complicates these issues, leading to delays and inefficient deployment. A notable concern is the underutilization of ultra-fast charging stations, with about 15% in Belgium drawing less than 10MWh annually, rendering them economically impractical.

Usage per ultra-fast charger (MWh/charger/year)

Figure: Distribution of current consumption of ultra-fast charging points in Belgium

To tackle these challenges, RetailSonar is dedicated to meticulously mapping the demand for charging stations, evaluating the existing and future supply, and crafting advanced predictive models to forecast investment outcomes. This initiative spans various charger types for both cars and trucks, and all of this will be centralized within our innovative "ChargePlanner" platform. Our goal is to design an "ideal network" for the future, optimizing both accessibility and efficiency.

Figure: Accessibility of Belgium in relation to ultra-fast chargers

The Impact of Our Work

The insights gained from this project promise to revolutionize the market dynamics of EV charging infrastructure. By providing accurate data and forecasts, we aim to expedite decision-making processes for investors, enable governments to issue well-informed tenders, and offer electricity network operators and policy-makers a clear view of optimal future scenarios. This clarity is expected to drive strategic investment plans and foster a more robust electric mobility ecosystem.

Stay Connected and Engaged

Spanning two years, this project will include continuous engagement with stakeholders through regular feedback sessions, ensuring that our findings remain relevant and actionable. We are committed to keeping you updated on our progress and insights through our newsletters and social media channels.

To be part of this exciting journey and receive the latest updates or contribute to the project, we encourage you to subscribe to our ChargePlanner newsletter.

This project is co-financed by the European Union and Vlaio, with a generous grant of 395k EUR, underscoring our collective commitment to a sustainable, electric future. Join us in paving the way for the optimal electric charging network, a key milestone in Europe's green mobility mission.


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