Dutch ultrafast chargers are used most heavily

Every 6 months, we measure the usage of ultrafast chargers in several European countries. Therefore, we rely on anonymous visit registrations, captured from more than 30 mobile apps. In this article, we present our latest findings for five European countries.

This shows that The Netherlands currently has the highest registered consumption per ultrafast charger with about 42MWh/year per ultrafast charger. This is six times (!) higher than what we observe for Spain at the moment. Let’s have a closer look at this:

Rank number 1: The Netherlands with 42 MWh/year per ultrafast charger (median usage)  

The high usage in The Netherlands means that there is still a big need for new ultrafast chargers.

The Netherlands already has over 150.000 public charging points (or 1 per 120 inhabitants) and is amongst the European top with this number. But on the other hand, The Netherlands also has nearly 500.000 electric car drivers.

On top, The Netherlands is dealing today with congestion on their high-tension electrical grid in some regions of the country. This puts constraints on the installation of more ultrafast chargers. This also explains why the existing sites attract a lot of existing EV drivers now.

Rank number 2: Belgium with 28 MWh/year per ultrafast charger (median usage)


The second country on our list is Belgium. Different than in The Netherlands, Belgium is not yet suffering from capacity issues on the electrical grid. The main reason for the relatively high consumption today of ultrafast chargers is the delay in the roll-out of ultrafast chargers in the regions of Wallonia and Brussels. For CPO’s, these are the places to be today.

Rank number 3 and 4: France and Germany with 23 MWh / year per ultrafast charger (median usage)


Both France and Germany report a similar usage of about 24MWh/year per ultrafast charger at the moment. With approximately 69 EV cars per ultrafast charger, both countries are at the right pace to roll out their infrastructure at the rhythm of the market.

Rank number 5: Spain with 7 MWh/year per ultrafast charger (median usage)


Compared to the other countries, Spain is lagging a bit behind today in the usage of existing ultrafast chargers. This is because this country only counts 78.000 EV cars at the moment. However, several CPO's such as Iberdrola, Endesa X, and WENEA have already put their focus on activating the Spanish market. The high degree of tourism in the country boosts the expectations for future usage growth on ultrafast chargers. Therefore, many ultrafast chargers are already installed but not yet connected to the electrical grid.

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