RetailSonar launches Europe’s largest retail database

The retail world is changing at a rapid pace. Data that is accurate, applicable and up to date is more important than ever before. That is why RetailSonar is now introducing the largest and most up-to-date retail database in Europe.

Visitor monitoring

Get a complete overview of the visitors to your location(s): from the length of their visit and origin up to reason for visit and frequency.


  • Insight into visitors to your stores
  • Insight into combined visits/ traffic builders
  • Insight into changes in visitor numbers
  • Setting up hyper-focused marketing campaigns
  • Real estate valuation
  • Benchmarking your locations with other locations

Retail location database

A 100% up-to-date overview of all retail locations and surfaces. Stay up to date with all the changes in the retail landscape, from competition to (perfect) neighbours.


  • Substantiating location decisions
  • Discovering new location opportunities in national and international markets
  • Performing retail analyses with best-in-class data

Local activity data

All the necessary data to assess the quality of a location optimally: from footfall and traffic data to information about perfect neighbours.


  • Smart expansion
  • Input for rent negotiations
  • Adapting opening hours to the local environment
  • Insight into customer origin
  • Insight into perfect neighbours
  • Performing mobility analyses for permit processes

Market study location

How much potential is there for a new or existing location? Get a clear technical report and share it with the right stakeholders.


  • Insight into the theoretical potential of existing sites
  • Insight into the market potential of new locations

Target companies B2B

A customised database of the companies most relevant to you within one or more B2B segments that you select. Send the right message to the right target group in the right location.


  • Focused selection of target groups for B2B marketing campaigns
  • Classifying sales areas
  • Adapting the range or type of services to the local environment
  • Exploring B2B market potential of new areas or countries

Target audience B2C

A complete overview of all your relevant target groups. Where do they live? What is their profile? And how much potential is there for each segment within each region? Send the right message to the right target group in the right location.


  • Focused selection of target groups for B2C marketing campaigns
  • Optimising your branch network
  • Exploring B2C market potential of new areas or countries
  • Tailoring product range and/or opening hours to the local environment
  • Insight into consumer spending by product category

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