Welcome to the RetailSonar Academy!

In 2021, we are making our customers even smarter! We have launched the RetailSonar Academy: a brand new community with huge advantages, exclusively for RetailSonar customers. What's in it for you?

More support, extra expertise and, as soon as it's possible, great networking events. You get it all in our brand new RetailSonar Academy.

More specifically, our customers get 3 exclusive benefits: extra group training courses, even more data-driven insights and unique events.

By sharing our knowledge and yours, we make each other stronger and smarter than ever before!

All RetailSonar customers automatically get access to the RetailSonar Academy, 100% free-of-charge. Here are the main benefits:

1. TRAIN | Get the best out of your RetailSonar platform

Our Company Trainer Frances will teach you about the RetailSonar platform every month. During group training courses, you learn how to work with the platform and the various modules.

Apart from general basic training, there are also training courses for sales, real-estate & marketing professionals.

After every session, you can also book in a personal Q&A with Frances to discuss any additional questions.

Check out the overview of all the training sessions planned!

2. LEARN | Always the latest in data-driven insights

We analyse the ever-changing retail landscape and customer behaviour.

  • Live webinars: our experts talk about the latest developments within location intelligence. All recordings and slides remain exclusively accessible to members of the RetailSonar Academy.
  • Exclusive market reports: what can we learn from the latest figures, facts and trends? Discover this in our handy research reports, exclusive to Academy Members! These offer you an additional asset for developing your own location strategy.
  • Q&A with retailers: interactive online sessions where we chat to a leading CEO. The number of participants is limited, and RetailSonar Academy members always get the chance to sign up first.

3. CONNECT | Unique networking events for like-minded retail managers

We can’t wait to welcome you to these new events, exclusive to Academy members:

  • RetailSonar on tour: local lunch sessions, tours and store visits
  • RetailSonar VIP: get to know colleagues and competitors in an exclusive setting
  • Free tickets to external events: attend the major retail events in Benelux (in person or online) for free

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