10 reasons why so many retailers choose RetailSonar

How has RetailSonar become the European market leader in location strategy in just 10 years? Why do so many national and international chains turn to this Belgian-Dutch scale-up? Well, it’s quite simple really: RetailSonar has no competitors. We do many things very differently to other organisations. These are the 10 points that make RetailSonar unique.

1) 90% accurate predictive models

No one can predict what a location decision will mean in terms of revenue better than RetailSonar. Common benchmark techniques such as random forest are greatly simplified to put the stores front and centre.

 At RetailSonar, the focus is on customer behaviour. Because we can predict this, we know the impact of each location decision on your own network, as well as your competitors and your online store. Our powerful forecast models distinguish between an 80% and a 90% accurate model – which makes all the difference between a bad and a good location decision!

2) Customers give us a 9.2 

We pull out all the stops for our customers! That’s why we evaluate the satisfaction of our customers at fixed intervals. We see these scores rise year after year. The latest average score from our customers was 9.2 – something we’re very proud of. And with customers’ feedback, we can continuously improve our platform and services.

Our customers are happy with our solutions and they tell us so! You can read about their experiences here.

3) A user-friendly platform suitable for every target group

Not only data analysts, but also real estate specialists, sales experts, managers and marketers use our platform. Simple documentation and training sessions tailored to each target group make it very easy to use. This saves retailers time and money! Our company trainer helps them get the most out of the platform and delivers free, accessible training sessions.

“Deciding on the future of a location now really feels like something we do together”

Tom Jochems - Director of Facilities & Real Estate, Randstad

4) Europe’s most complete and up-to-date retail database

Thanks to our smart data collection, we collect the current addresses of thousands of retailers, service providers and other traffic builders (POIs) on a monthly basis. We carefully validate these retail locations, and also measure their surface area.

5) Revolutionary footfall, traffic and visitor data 

We collect detailed mobile data from more than 30 different apps. Using powerful algorithms, we translate this raw data into accurate statistics to understand the increasingly complex behaviour of customers.

The mobile data provides insight into visitors, local activity, market potential and – per segment – the B2C and B2B potential of any location. And combined with the customer data that you as a retailer collect yourself, this data is even more valuable – especially if you bring it all together in an intelligent AI platform like RetailSonar’s.

6) We understand the challenges of each sector

We understand the specific challenges and needs of each sector. And that goes far beyond pure retail. Whether your business is fast food, wholesale, DIY, temporary employment, banking, insurance, real estate, childcare, the automotive industry, government or telecommunications: we are your location expert!

 Still not convinced? Then take a look at our customer overview with over 200 references and read our customer stories.

7) An internationally scalable platform, for over 15 countries

In recent years, we have worked non-stop to make our platform available in more than 15 countries. All the necessary data and knowledge is therefore available to support international retailers and service providers, whether in France, Germany, Austria or elsewhere.

8) With RetailSonar, you determine your top locations with great precision

Thanks to our powerful AI, we are able to screen the potential of each individual address. So a hotspot location is not a neighbourhood for us, but an exact address. We even give you insight into the halo effect on your online store and the internal and external competition.

We include every parameter that affects the turnover of your branches, no matter how small: Visitor origin, visitor numbers, local activity, volume of traffic going past location, perfect neighbours, visibility, parking and much more! This explains why our sales forecasts are proven to be 90% accurate!

9) Ready for the next level? It’s up to you! 

At RetailSonar, we aim to make not only ourselves, but also our customers smarter and smarter when it comes to location strategy. Would you like to self-assess the potential of locations with best-in-class data? Predict location revenue accurately with insights into your customers’ behaviour? Or optimise your branch network to maximise your return? You decide when you are ready for the next step!

“RetailSonar wants to achieve the best possible results with us as their customer.”

Minno Venema - Country Acquisition & Construction Manager Benelux 

10) Your strategic question is our challenge 

Every business case is unique, and so is every platform we deliver. Having said that, all strategic questions have one element in common: how can you increase turnover with minimum real estate costs? Answering this requires data, but it is also important to break down barriers between marketing, sales and real estate. We help your organisation grow by integrating smart data-driven processes and optimising your location strategy.

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