Location Talking Points #4 | What can you learn from Action, Coolblue, Basic-Fit & HEMA?

Every month, we show you the latest and most inspiring location strategies from here and abroad. This means you’re always one step ahead in optimizing your future-proof network! In this video: the location strategies of Action, Coolblue, Basic-Fit & HEMA.

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RetailSonar becomes largest European geomarketing player after acquisition of French company Geocible

Since 1 September, the French company Geocible has been part of the international RetailSonar group. With this acquisition, we have added more than 20 years of experience to our location intelligence and accelerated our European expansion. “Even the competitors admire Geocible for the high quality of its technical expertise.”

12 things you didn't know about RetailSonar

Everyone knows that we help our customers make the right decisions for each location. But did you also know these 12 facts about RetailSonar?

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