We understand retail real estate

Physical retail has come under pressure in recent years, largely due to the emergence of online shopping. The margins are falling, as is the demand for retail real estate.

The government is also concerned about the impact of retail development projects on city centres, mobility and urban planning. And yet there is still plenty of margin for well-thought-out retail projects.

Thanks to our partnerships with retailers across all segments and with various public services, we understand retail real estate from A to Z. That is why we like to make our data and our knowledge available to developers of retail real estate, so the (re)development has every chance of success.

Explore the potential of your development projects

  • By examining the current DNA of your (planned) development, we can highlight a number of problems and potential threats.
  • What is the current mobility situation near my project, and what are the expectations for the future?
  • How much customer potential is there in the vicinity of my project? Is this potential mainly created by residents, or also by nearby employment, tourism, and so on? What is the social-demographic structure of this potential?
  • How much visibility and footfall does my project currently have, and which instruments can I use to increase this?
  • Are the parking facilities geared to the development’s capacity?
  • Is the current or planned development geared to the expectations of the current or future target group customer?

Identify commercial opportunities

  • From whom could your planned (re)development be a golden opportunity?
  • How much real estate is already on offer in the neighbourhood around your (planned) development and which sectors are currently underrepresented?
  • For which retailers or service providers would my development be an ideal location as we can fill their blind spot and the characteristics of our development tie in perfectly with their concept?

“Everything that contributes to realistic figures is worth its weight in gold”

Sander Bot, Business Analyst at DEEN real estate

Optimise the commercial potential

  • Which synergies and possible cross-pollination could be created between the commercial opportunities (interesting retailers or sectors)?
  • Which synergy could be created with other existing offerings near the project?
  • How can I develop an optimum potential design for my development in one or more scenarios?
  • How can I coordinate my unit sizes and architectural plans, under each scenario, with this optimum potential design?
  • Which specific commercial potential exists for each scenario, and which scenarios are the most optimal scenarios? How can we clearly map the potential of the retained scenarios for prospects, which would tie in with the design of the retained scenarios?

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